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Nov 26, 2007
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PR3, 5 years old, earns up to $800/year when I drive traffic:

Job sites can do well. This connects to the database at Simply-Hired; over 1 million jobs there.
If someone lists a job, by starting from my site, I get $25 (or more; I set the amount!). Its a great tool,
using the URL format I can list any jobs I want, e.g. if I am developing a medical website, I can have a
button that says 'Nurses Jobs' and that button would link to the URL,

So that can help in developing other sites.

I am not showing traffic as the traffic varied partly by how many domains I would forward there; but I an prove the earnings. It needs some promotion to drive traffic; the page converts well.

This sale is mainly on the domain name itself, and the page rank. Asking $4,500.

Message me with any questions.

- Kevin


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Jan 20, 2013
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do u have any revenue? what key word you are rank under Google.

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