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Oct 13, 2019
Newmarket, Ontario
I have a project group of domains which starts with;
... and ~140 additional city/town domains in Ontario, Canada.

The perfect package for a city business listing, magazine, etc., based in Canada. Have been collecting for ~15 years, one at a time. (There are 400,000 businesses in these cities, so this is an SEO/businessman's dream collection, as you own the address). Haven't had time to evolve them as intended, though they deserve something like this:

Will consider a good offer at this moment for the collection. They are worth more together, I won't break them up. This is a rare opportunity to take advantage of 15 years of collecting!

Alternatively - anyone know a good domain broker out there who might be interested?

ADVICE also welcome. I'm not a newb, but it's been a while. Thoughts on valuation, for example. Or what domain brokers to look out for.



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Sep 4, 2002

can't vision a REAL broker trying to sell a .biz package, especially if you don't want to separate them

"" is also a suburb of Chicago, so maybe check if some of the other names have cities or towns in other regions besides Canada
that might add more appeal, but .biz are slooooooow movers, even in the best keywords.

Good Luck!

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