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Apr 13, 2004
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You are in the Domain Name Auctions subforum. These are the rules of DNForum auctions:

1. Put the domain name in the title! The domain name of the domain or website listed for auction must be included in the thread title. In the case of multiple domains, it is required that at least one domain be included in the thread title. In addition, all domains being sold MUST be listed in post. No "PM me for domain name" posts allowed. Threads may be closed if there's no domain in the title, however, you would be allowed to repost the thread on a subsequent day if this happens to your thread. Moderators may fix the thread title for you at their discretion if you are a new member or if it's a first offense. Refer to our main Rule #10 for even more specifics.

2. Auctions must have starting price, minimum increment and whether the auction is reserved or not.

3. Starting time is the time of thread creation. No delayed starts.

4. You must specify an exact end time, of which time zone, and the date. NO "ends *hours after last bid" allowed. AT YOUR LEISURE, you may also allow for provisions of anti-sniping, so that a bid placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction would extend the auction by an additional 5 minutes to the clock. The standard to this rule, if its not exactly specified by the thread starter is this - 4 minutes remaining, bid placed, 5 minutes get added, so clock gives 9 total minutes till end of auction. If 1 minute or less is remaining, 5 minutes get added, so the clock gives 6 total minutes before auction closes. This is the standard to be used whereby anti-snipe is in place (and ONLY if anti-snipe is in place as would be stated by the auction holder).
- 5 minute Anti-Sniping is automatically in effect for auction with multiple bids in the last minute.
- If the ending time is 12:00, OP must state either 12:00 Noon or 12:00 Midnight. No 12:00AM or 12:00PM allowed. Time zone is still required regardless of the time.

5. NO ADULT CONTENT, post anything that's adult in the Adult Sales and Offers forum.

6. No multiple site auctions. If it's listed for auction here, it may not be listed for auction somewhere else.

7. Blatant and deliberate attempts to bump your thread to the top of the list with comments like (but not limited to) "bump", "up", "still available", "2 more days to go", etc. will result in the thread either being closed or deleted without notice! You may be warned at first, but repeated offenses may be treated differently.
You are allowed one Bump in the last day (last 24 hours) of the auction.

9. Accurate stats! Please ensure that your sales listing is not vague with regards to traffic, search engine rankings, or revenue. If you choose to declare this information then ensure that it is accurate and to the point.

10. Reference to Overture scores must state if the score is either WITH the domain extension ( or WITHOUT the extension (dnforum).

11. Additional rules may be found here: You are advised to read the rules if it's been a while since you have read them. Now would be a good time to review them!

12. Please review all the forums before choosing one to post your thread, pick the most appropriate forum. For example, please post:

13. You are only allowed to post one (1) thread in this forum per 24 hours.
14. No proxy or PM bid allowed.

DNForum reserves the right to change these rules at anytime, and it's the responsibility of the members to ensure that they are aware of the rules at all times. Infractions may result in warnings or points at the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

This is your playing field, there's a lot of business to be done here.
It's up to you to make the most of it!
Use our website and related services wisely!
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