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Dot-Com Still the Main Domain

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yep, dotcom is the closest thing to certainty in this business.

anything else is speculation in speculation.


And speculation in speculation or in other words, speculation :laugh: , is where the fun is at! Nothing like true speculation to make one feel alive. To take risk trying to make sense out of chaos. Like a chess game, offering such satisfaction in victory and defeat.

Now thats only for those who dare!

Without the speculating speculators, most of the worlds inventions would not exist. .Com would not exist and .com millionaires would not exist if not for the visionary few (its remarkable that is always a minority) who said to those that said its not needed or this is what is established, it will never fly - that there is a need or potential need or could work like this.

One thing is static in life. And that is change!

Be ready, cause there is change blowin in the wind.

Wait till those remaining info names get out and then give it six months and then lets see how powerful .com is.

Forget .info, .us just might bite the head off that thing.

It should be a fun year coming up.


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Apr 23, 2002
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I love .infos, and esspecially .nets,
but...believe me Tee....

there is nothing.....NOTHING .....ABOSOLUTELY no other extension , now nor in the future, that would even dent the Grandfather... .COM.

.COM is as symonymous to the internet as syrup is to pancakes

my 7 cents


Well, personally, I have a never say never policy but for sure .com is synonymous with the internet, with all its success and failings, and I believe .com will in a sense always be king. It was born with the commercial internet and for all practical purposes, the internet that most of us know. But i do believe other extensions will come into play, and i believe (but cant prove) the info will encroach upon .coms typin supremacy because it is so common an abbreviation. Honestly, I think .info will be the ultimate niche extension, a very, very strong niche extension, maybe even having more value is some uses than the equiv. .com.

Maybe not.

But they said the titanic would never sink (however, they did get a blockbuster from hell movie out of it) and many perceptions have been shattered to bits over the past 2 years including the seeming omnipotence of the internet economy, the safety of us citizens from foreign attack and even just basic confidence in the future of our planet.

Its all subject to change and .com, powerful as it may seem (or really, seemed) can be subject to change just as well.


I envision a few high profile sites coming out using .info. People go - oh whats this (not so much the newbies because .com is more something they heard about but dont really understand - and newbies are in aplentence) and begin to recognize the info extension because it just makes sense almost like a bach tune (lol).

So then, you need a loan. Why not try (type in) loans.info? I've seen a .info site before, its all about information. I certainly don't want some biased commercial site handing me lies, trying to get me to take one of their loans. What exactly is a loan? What kinds are available? Im so confused.

It is here where the .info can wreak its devastation.

Info is relevant to the internet - more so than .com in many ways even with the .com brand.

Info is unbiased sounding. Its neutral. We want to help you not sell you. Of course, we will be selling the crap out of you lol.

It has built in universality across many languages.

Actually, info is really beyond the scope of just the internet or having strictly an internet related relevance. It is involved in our lives at all times. We are constanly reaching out, seeking information about everything.

It is the chi or soul of the network/internet. It is the currency, far more powerful than money, through which our lives take shape.

Did I mention that I like .info? lol

But, granted, this is all just speculation.

Personally, i think theres nothing like the buzz of actually selling a domain name for a very good profit.

Potential sales don't pay the bills.

But theres nothing wrong with speculating in tld's that could come good for you, but for general productive speculation its best to reduce the odds as much as possible and to swim where the bigger money is.

Domain sales are driven by the end users, speculators do not impact on the domains companies want to use - so we have to take our indicators from the market rather than from a desire to see other tld's do well.


I can see the point. If you are doing this domain thing for a living, then best not to think about anything other than .com. It's just too difficult and uncertain to rely on something with a proven market or worse, market value.

.info and .biz are names that won't bring in the bread on a consistent or predicatable basis.

However, if you don't rely on reselling domains for a living, then you might open to understand why .info and .biz make such sense.

dotcom may be king to domain resellers, but that's where it ends.

Web addresses must and will get more meaningful like it or not.

And dotcom names will depreciate more and more as this happens. Give and expose people to more choice, and they will learn to appreciate what really is a good and meaningful name.

Both .info and .biz are less than a year old, with many of the the very best names still locked away from use because of fraud, and already people give it the shove label it of little market value.

Same thing happened to dotcom even as late as 5 years ago. This is nothing new. It's just human need to be comfortable and feel secure with what is understandable and familiar.


I agree, end users are what will give the .info or any extension value. I base my speculation on that I believe .info will be very enduser/consumer/internet user friendly because of the sense it makes on the internet. Yes, I would like it to be valuable, but I'm not just posting here that it should be valuable because I want it to be. I beleive it will be used and come to be known by internet users for a variety of reasons even in the context of .com brand dominance. I could be wrong about this and maybe info will never work. Maybe .com is too strong. Maybe .info being a 4 character extension is too long. Maybe speculators having most of the names will choke it. Maybe the economy will get worse limiting development for a long time to come making people stay only with the very tried and true. My bet is that, provided the economy improves in many senses, that info will work and be rememberable and used by endusers creating value.

Originally posted by mole
And dotcom names will depreciate more and more as this happens.

I don't think its been a case of dot com domains falling in value, we've seen domain prices in general falling, ALL extensions. And when you look at .biz/.info, its hard to argue they have fallen in value only because they have never really sold in the first place :)


snoopy, as I emphasized and you so eloquently underlined, .info and .biz domains do not have any euphoric resale figures to benchmark what could be its possible, probable, potential worth.

From a reseller viewpoint, .info and .biz has little encouraging signs to justify getting excited about.

From a developers viewpoint, owning the info highground with a site underlining that fact means something.

I like to believe I am a developer, and I won't sell my domain set without selling the business model and proven revenue that goes with it. That's what I think investors are willing to part big money for, not just romain letters with a dot whatever at the end.

From a developers viewpoint, I can't for reason understand why people still stay glued to the fascination of reliving the $7m business.com pie in the sky dream.

I still believe that a good name upon which your site will forever be called, is good sense. What beats me is why it has to be dotcom. Amazon should always have been called amazon.shop.

Did Amazon ever had a choice? No. Go figure.

Originally posted by mole

From a developers viewpoint, owning the info highground with a site underlining that fact means something.

Mole fair enough,

But how many notable .info sites have been developed?, I have only heard of two myself, mta.info and one of snapnames's sites. Sure .info names sound great and mean something, but is anyone actually using them?


Most of the high profile and best info names were falsely regged during the sunrise so in a sense, the extension has still not properly launched.

Originally posted by mole
Yes, google.info

mole, it just redirects to google.com, I wouldn't call that developed, just looks like trademark protection.


Take your pick on what's most meaningful

A. Google.com

B. Google.net

C. Google.org

D. Google.info

The commercial internet of early days, read in the recent 5 years, was crap deficient in proper addressing.

Which was why ICANN was formed (aaargh). Which was why .info and .biz was launched. And recently, .us.

There does not need to be artificial scarcity on the WWW.

The WWW is there for the benefit of mankind, not for dotcom speculators.

It is sad that billions were poured in by businesses and wannabe businesses to promote dotcom because there was no better choice when the internet exploded in 1998-1999.

dotcom as a meaningful extension now sucks big time if you look at the possible alternatives.


DOS to Windows thought me one lesson. People want intuitiveness, not geek talk. dotcom fascinated because it was this whole idea that this wonderful thing called the WWW would change the world. And you could make millions just by doing nothing and speaking geek.

Today? The internet is maturing and moving on. dotcom is no longer the mantra. The user, as Tee said, is.


Originally posted by safesys
google.info just redirects to google.com

Do you notice that Google does not call itself Google.com, just Google?

Go figure.
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