Is Consistency What’s Missing In Your Life? Stop The Bullsh*t!

Willox Perez

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Apr 5, 2015
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When it comes to achieving a goal and being successful there are many factors that come into play. But what is the most important ingredient? We can have a huge debate as to what this most important factor is but many will agree that it is Consistency.

You can work hard and do the right things to achieve your goal but if you stop being consistent and simply give up or get lazy then you won't accomplish anything. We tend to forget how crucial it is to be consistent time and time again despite the many obstacles that we encounter a long the way.

The key is not only knowing that you need to be consistent but also understanding the most effective way how to be consistent as well. Understanding that we are humans and won't be perfect all the time will help us realize that consistency is a never ending process that we strive towards and put our best effort to master.

I break down some key concepts in my latest post over about my blog. I would love to hear what routine or methods you guys use to stay consistent? What are some tips you would give someone having a hard time staying consistent?
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