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Jul 27, 2010
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28 names, all under $100 -- TODAY ONLY (new list tomorrow). Payment via PayPal, PUSH TO YOUR GODADDY ACCOUNT ONLY, no exceptions.

These prices are firm. PM me to claim the names you'd like. | $79
Potential here as a Twitter aggregator—exact theme for you to figure out, but obviously something about kids, parenting, etc. | $99
Nice name and sweet search volume of 33,100. This would make a great site to teach basic accounting, to act as a directory of accounting firms or a vertical portal. Great name, and quite fitting of the .org extension. | $59
This geo name represents a decent-sized central California market. Antioch has a population of over 100,000, and the term “Antioch CA” has search volume of 40,500. | $99
This site holds the #1 slot on Google for the term—and $6.98 average CPC! This name is ready for someone who wants to put some effort into it. | $99
This domain name is just screaming for a kid-focused site. Art projects and activities? Directory of daycares and preschools? Directory of websites for kids? 22,200 in exact search and $3.74 in average CPC. Excellent .org! $99
And speaking of websites for kids, here’s Combine this with and you’re on your way to ruling the world of kids on the Internet. Search volume of 12,100. | $89
This one would make a great directory of health clubs—pick a city, sort by price, equipment/facilities, ratings. Nice name!
| $99
A relatively easy site to build capturing fianancial feeds from Google or Yahoo and providing rates, news, etc. And it’s got 22,200 in monthly search! Sweet pricing! | $99
Perhaps a little depressing, but lots of things you could do with this.People submit their tales of woe and users vote on sad sack of the week? Collection of videos of people slipping on banana peels. Your call. Exact monthly search is 14,800. and | $59
Decent names waiting for an idea—got one? | $29
Another name waiting for you to make something of it—short and kind of catchy. Keep in mind that Kingston makes the Data Traveler thumbdrive. | $99
Nice short name with direct association to photography—lot’s of brandable opportunity for this. 5,400 in monthly search volume. | $99
Events calendar and API ticket sales for the performing arts in NYC—great market and an existing search volume of 6,600. This domain name could be a champ! Fabulous list price; and remember, subscribers get 10% OFF every order!
| $79
Immigration is a current hot political topic, and this could be a very nice data driven site using free and accessible US govt data—6,600 people search this term per month. | $99
Great price on this domain—great location for an events calendar, and has an existing search volume of 4,400. | $99
Obviously better in the .com, but 3,600 in search and an average CPC of $5.11 makes this worth the effort. How about a how-to site with templates and samples—or market an actual service. Also makes for a nice flip to a service provider. | $39
Reviews and sales of various sofware products and services. | $29
All you woodworkers, here’s a themed domain with 2,900 in search volume. Sell tools? Tips and tricks magazine?
| $99
Here’s another steal! The educational category is hot, and this one has an average CPC of $6.86. This name should go quickly! | $89
5,400 in search and a great price make this an easy flip domain wjith lots of profit potential. Grab it quickly! | $39
I’d love to go, and would hope to be able to learn all about it and plan my trip from here. Search volume of 2,900 per month. | $79
America is obese, and this is your chance to help! Lead the way and show us the different options for weight loss. This is traditionally a very lucrative category. | $29
Show them, explain them, then sell a few related items. 1,600 in search volume. | $49
Talkin’ about sad sacks—no clue what you’d do with this, but it’s a nice, short name with 1,300 in search and a $1.34 CPC—who knew? | $99
We’ve been going through tough economic times—is “nothing down” still an option? Educate us here, then collect loan leads. | $49
Nice product site, or a super flip to another distributor or manufacturer. Solid name. | $69
High per-click revenue on this one with a CPC of $6.63. Nice name—and there are plenty of companies who should have an interest in the name when you come calling about a sale.

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