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Feb 7, 2007

I'm looking to sell which has been developed as a Horse Racing Site. The site is fairly new and currently I don't have any information on stats or revenue (Only just popped some affiliate ads on the site).

Registered at Godaddy.

Created on: 23-Mar-07
Expires on: 23-Mar-09

Additional Information about the site.
The site is developed in Joomla using a customized commercial template. The content for the latest news is brought in by an RSS feed, the other articles are from article databases and are free to be used. All the images are either from istockphoto or free to use.

I am looking for a low $xxx figure for the domain and the site and will consider reasonable offers over $100. BIN $225.

I can offer hosting free hosting for a short period of time if needed. 1-2months.

Thanks for you interest.
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