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Oct 12, 2003
This is a quick list for people just entering the market. It is by no means definitive but it will help people with limited funds and knowledge to avoid costly mistakes generally. Mostly it refers to new registrations but it doesn't hurt to think about it with domains you are buying from a drop or other people.

Some things to consider:

1) Do I know what it means? (No - don't register)
2) Does it have a meaning that everyone will automatically know? (No - don't register)
3) How big is the market of potential buyers? (Less than 3 - don't register)
4) If it doesn't sell will I choose to develop it or likely let it drop? (Let it drop - don't register)
5) If I am going to develop it how will I develop it - how will it make money? (No idea - don't register)
6) Is the extension one that people have heard of and won't lose traffic due to people typing the term only in their browser bar? (No - be aware it will take marketing $ to just 'get on a level playing field')
7) Will it be possible to get a developed site in search engines? (No or unlikely - with no natural traffic, and most new registrations won't have any, don't register.)
8) Does it only have meaning because it uses a trademark domain/product to give it meaning? (Yes - don't register)
9) Does it have high estibot/godaddy/automated appraisals? (Most likely it will - totally IRRELEVANT - don't register only on this point)
10) Am I hand registering this domain - ie not from a drop or direct purchase (There is likely a reason it is available. It is VERY unlikely that any fresh registration has immediate value or it would have gone a long time ago. Warning sign but not necessarily a reason to pass over a domain.)

This list is my own personal opinion. If you are going for 'brandable' domains bear in mind there are tens of thousands (maybe more) of these types of domains and you really are just buying a lottery ticket that might pay off one day if someone decides they want your domain and not a registration fee alternative.
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Jul 24, 2004
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If you are thinking of registering a .net or .org because the .com is for sale for 1000's of dollars, don't. There is probably a reason it is not sold yet, and also that same reason also is why the .net and .org are not registered yet.

Is it a 3-word .com? it may or may not be worth anything, first check if there is search volume before you proceed.