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I registered RealtyOfficials.com and RealtyOfficial.com to preserve the domain, the same for CulinaryNow.com and CulinaryNow.net. These would be sold together.
I am a newbie, but it's not hard to figure out that one person could develop CulinaryNow.net before .com if they were bought by two different individuals.
Also Culinary serves a large field, not only the obvious "school or training" but it's definition is anything to do with the kitchen or cooking. So I can see sites that handled mainly kitchen appliances or even cookware developing this name.
SubmitPay.com was an iffy one to me from the beginning, but also my first one. But maybe it could fit into a field that had to do with collections or taking some form of internet payments.
I agree with the previous reply "Realty" is generic, "Realtor" is not.
But, like I said, I am a newbie... there are plenty of things I don't know.
Does anyone see any value in these names?

Thanks guys.. I appreciate it
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