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offers eDiscover.com (eDiscovery.com sold for $100,000)

Offers wanted on the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Dec 13, 2013
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This 15 year-old ultra premium domain is one of the better e+word domains in existence and a great investment/development opportunity. Similar domains have been selling for $XX,XXX-$XXX,XXX and eDiscovery.com was sold for $100,000. Here are a few relevant domain sales:

eBet.com - $1,350,000 (Private Sale)
eFlowers.com - $1,000,000 (Private Sale)
eGifts.com - $250,000 (Private Sale)
eSignature.com - $150,000 (Domain Guardians)
eLend.com - $140,000 (Sedo)
eCruise.com - $100,000 (Private Sale)
eDiscovery.com - $100,000 (Domain Advisors)
eRomance.com - $100,000 (Moniker)
eTV.com - $100,000 (Mike Bahlitzanakis)
eSongs.com - $82,360 (Snap Names)
eBaby.com - $60,000 (Sedo)
eMedia.com - $60,000 (Moniker)
ePayments.com - $52,000 (Sedo Auction)
eFragrance.com - $50,000 (SnapNames)
eGay.com - $49,999 (Sedo)
eDoctor.com - $43,310 (NameJet)
eHelp.com - $42,801 (NameJet)

The word ‘Discover’ is one of the most popular and diverse words in the English language. Over a billion search results (around 1,300,000,000 in a google search I just did) and 1,500,000 average Google monthly searches according to Google keyword planner, demonstrate its enormous potential and value. It’s so flexible it can be used for almost anything. For example:

Travel- Discover new places, discover the world etc.

Education- Discover new things. learn and gain knowledge.

News- Discover the latest news and trends.

Search/Browsing- Discover what you need to find out about.

Media & art- Discover artists, videos, music, pictures, paintings, books etc.

Social- Discover new friends or discover what’s new in your friends’ lives.

Shopping- Discover items you want to buy, bargains, gifts etc.

Spirituality- Discover religion, self-discovery etc.

And the list can go on and on.

Why buy eDiscover?

1,500,000 average google monthly searches for the word ‘Discover’.

Very easy to pronounce and very easy to remember.

Short brandable name.

An intriguing and exciting word that promises a future full of possibilities.

Extremely diverse and can fit countless industries.

Great value based on similar sales.

eDiscover.com is registered at GoDaddy.com (it will be transferred via a free push to your GoDaddy account. No other registrars).

Transaction using Escrow.com or DN.com. Buyer pays fees. Please pm serious offers. Thanks.
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