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Nov 16, 2013
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Hi everyone, for sale at sedo is Bid here - is easily a 5 figure domain name if not worth more in the right hands. sold in 2008 for $10,600 and the .NET is a far better domain as .org means not for profit and of course remortgages are anything but non for profit. Estibot values the domain at $14k and this is nothing to the right end user.

Even a longer domain name sold for $8,195 in 2010. As redirects to Coventry Building Society, you are likely to get some type in traffic for people mistaking it for the shorter

In addition the Alexa rank of the domain is around 6 million which for an undeveloped domain is very impressive -

Bid now for this amazing opportunity to buy a word word premium aged .net in a commercial and competitive market!
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