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Mar 16, 2006
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Note: I'm a bit long-winded below so only push forward if you're interested in an established product selling site with a BIN in the $X,XXX range.

URL: Click Here
Established: March 6, 2012
Google PR: 2
Domain: GoDaddy (expires March 6, 2013)
Traffic: 2,500 uniques per month / 6,600 page views per month
Revenue: $454 average monthly revenue / $220 average monthly profit


Feel free to PM or email with any reasonable offer or to learn more; I'm a motivated seller, willing to work to help negotiate a healthy sale :)


Traffic: Clicky Analytics 90 Day Overview 1
Traffic: Clicky Analytics 90 Day Overview 2
Revenue: WooCommerce Overview
Blog: WordPress Overview

General Description

Up for sale here is an online business offering unlock codes and unlock software for mobile phones. Some of you may be familiar with the former DavinciTeam, a major player in online mobile services until February of this year when the owner sold the technology and closed the website; I worked for DavinciTeam for 6 years and began this small business on the side when the company sold.

During that time I've experimented with selling different software licenses along with unlock codes for all popular smartphones. Sales aren't massive but they are consistent, bringing in about $1300 in profit during its four month existence. The site ranks well for terms associated with the Xperia line of smartphones from Sony Ericsson and the licenses sold for that software are the most popular product by far.

The site is built on WordPress and the premium Genesis theme. The main part of the site is made up of product/sales pages and tutorials for software unlocking along with the large blog (more on that below).

Where do the Products Come From?

I deal with a single provider for all services from a trusted company I've worked with for some time. Simply purchase credits via PayPal and then purchase any of hundreds of products including hardware, software licenses and unlock codes to fill a customer's order. Due to volume, I receive very competitive pricing from this company on all services and all of this will be passed onto the new owner. Ordering is simple and, while I've always done it manually, the company offers a fantastic API that could be easily utilized to allow for self-processing ordering, and more.

Mobile Tech Blog

The site includes a blog that I originally developed for DavinciTeam but came with me when I left because it was not sold with other assets. I've continued to fill the blog with tips, mobile tech news, etc, but haven't been as active with it as I should. The blog contains 261 posts, 18 categories, 262 tags and 465 comments along with the 34 pages that make up the sales part of the site.

Support & Work Involved

The only work required is sending of customer details (software login details, unlock code, etc) upon receiving an order and offering support if it is required (sometimes customers need reminder to install drivers for software, etc) - this takes up a few hours a week, a few minutes at a time.

Reason For Selling

I'm at a point where I need to decide if my future remains in mobile services or if I need to move onto other endeavors and I've chosen the latter, leaving SIMLOCK Mobile out of my future plans. I've been neglectful of the blog and never got around to marketing the site in any way other than working with SEO, leaving it to earn far below its potential.

What's Included?

Besides the domain and website:
Twitter Account: 4193 Followers
Facebook Page: 47 Fans
Feedburner Feed (Blog): 31 Subscribers

Revenue Details

When I launched the site I was selling mostly licenses for software that, while profit and sales were good, was simply too buggy to continue with and the developer was difficult to work with. Given those issues, I switched to new different software in May and, while sales have declined due to a change in Google ranking on terms for the old software, the new offering is a solid one from a trusted developer and is sold to me direct by the provider I use for all other services (more on that below).

The revenue can easily be improved through advertising, something I've never done due to lack of time, including active posting on the blog. I'd also suggest some simple link building with related mobile blogs and sites in order to earn more Google juice, increasing natural sales through SEO.

AdSense or some other form of content ad on the blog may also be an option; affiliate sales may also make sense given the blog.

Note: I will disclose more detailed numbers (product profits and provider) only to seriously interested buyers.

Traffic Details

Traffic comes mostly from Google along with direct/bookmark visits and backlinks. Social media is quite effective for bursts when I was better about getting fresh content on the blog and promoting it via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
I've included screenshots from Click Analytics in the attachments - please let me know if you'd like any other in-depth stat that I can pull up.

About Me

I've been working online and selling here at DigitalPoint for a long time and my many buyers over the years can vouch for my reputation. As with any purchase, I'll provide whatever support the new owner requires, making myself available in every reasonable way in order to help you to succeed; this includes a full transfer of the site to your server if you require it. I expect a high level of service and communication when I purchase a site and so I make sure that I provide the same when I sell one.

Happy bidding! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments, via private message or directly at chris(at)palsys.net.


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Mar 15, 2012
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Anyone tossing out an opening bid?


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Mar 16, 2006
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Hi Jpegs2012 :)

I've got the site listed in a few marketplaces - makes for fragmented bidding and offers but offers more exposure. The auction has received a few public bids and private offers at Flippa if you're looking for reference: http://bit.ly/N4HjRR

Let me know if you have any questions!
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